Center for Fair & Alternative Trade

Colorado State University


CFAT directors, associates, and research assistants regularly do consultancies for the public and private sector, collaborate in new fair and alternative trade initiatives, and provide technical assistance. View a list of our recent projects...


The CFAT team is providing technical support for a soon-to-be launched independent, community-based initiative – the Conscious Consumer Trust – a think tank dedicated to the promotion of social equity both locally and globally...


Recent presentations:

◊ Raynolds, Laura. “Can Certification Improve Global Labor Standards and Worker Rights?” Paper presented at Development Sociology Annual Conference, Ithaca NY, Oct. 6-8. 2016.

◊ Raynolds, Laura. “Fair Trade, Flower Workers, and Women's Empowerment.” Paper presented at the Rural Sociological Society Annual Meeting, Toronto, Aug. 7-10. 2016.

◊ Raynolds, Laura. “Fair Trade Research and Practice: Past, Present, and Future.” Invited Keynote Speaker, Fair Trade International Symposium, Milan, Italy. May 29, 2015.

Archive of presentations...