Center for Fair & Alternative Trade

Colorado State University


CFAT directors, associates, and research assistants regularly do consultancies for the public and private sector, collaborate in new fair and alternative trade initiatives, and provide technical assistance. View a list of our recent projects...


The CFAT team is providing technical support for a soon-to-be launched independent, community-based initiative – the Conscious Consumer Trust – a think tank dedicated to the promotion of social equity both locally and globally...


Recent presentations:

  • Raynolds, Laura and Annabel Ipsen. “Social Reproduction in Crisis: Gendered Labor Regimes in Agro-Exprot Sectors in Ecuador and Chile." Paper presented at Rural Sociological Society Annual Conference, Denver, Aug 4-7, 2022.

  • Raynolds, Laura. “Can Certification Challenge Buyer Power, Improve Worker Wellbeing, and Strengthen Labor Agency?” Paper presented at International Sociological Association Conference, Online, Feb. 23-27, 2021.

  • Raynolds, Laura. “Advancing Social and Environmental Sustainability through Fairtrade.” Poster prepared for School of Global Environmental Sustainability Virtual Showcase, May, 2020.

Archive of presentations...


Recent Media:

◊ Fairtrade International. Fair Trade Expert Interview on Certified Flowers.” Fairtrade News. February 2021.

◊ Raynolds, Laura. “Fair Trade Expert Interview on Certified Flowers.” February 2011.

◊ Raynolds, Laura. "Fair Trade Movement, Markets, and Research." Digital Development Debates. December 2010.

◊ Rogers, Heather. “Sweet and Lowdown: Would you like some deforestation with your organic sugar? Sure, say Big Organic and the feds.” Mother Jones, May/June 2010.

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