Center for Fair & Alternative Trade

Colorado State University

To assist undergraduate students in locating an outstanding internship experience, the Center for Fair & Alternative Trade has compiled a list of potential sites. While this list is by no means complete, we include a variety of organizations and companies that are working to promote fair and alternative trade, sustainable enterprise, and global-local social justice. The groups listed below have indicated an interest in working with Sociology undergraduate students to complete their 150-hour internship requirement. While many of these entities are based in Fort Collins, we have more broadly included organizations located in other states. Some of these offer remote internships, but others require students to relocate to these areas for the duration of the internship.

It is your responsibility to contact a possible group to request an internship and negotiate the terms of agreement. The entities listed below retain the right to hire interns at their own discretion, and there is no guarantee of an opening when you apply. It is impossible to maintain the most up-to-date information; thus we encourage you to conduct your own internet search of these and other groups of interest. We also urge you to research internship opportunities well in advance, and to contact multiple potential sites so that you may find the best fit and gain the most from your experience. For more information about the Sociology internship program requirements and registering for the Internship (SOC487) and Internship Seminar (SOC492), please visit the Department of Sociology’s webpage at

Center for Fair & Alternative Trade

Contact Laura Raynolds or Douglas Murray

City of Fort Collins, Department of Social Sustainability

Contact Mary Atchison


Cultural Strategy Group

Contact Douglas Holt

223 Jefferson Street, Fort Collins, CO

Fair Trade Federation

100 W 10th Street, Suite 1105, Wilmington, DE  19801 *No remote internships available*


Fair Trade USA

1500 Broadway Suite 400 Oakland, CA  94612

*Apply through website*

Fort Collins Food Cooperative

Contact Lynn Chriestenson


Global Exchange

Contact Kylie Nealis

2017 Mission Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA  94110

415-255-7296 ext 257

Reach Trade

Reach Trade

Contact Paul Cebul


Dan Hildebrandt

Sustainable Schools International

Sustainable Schools International

Contact Maureen DeCoursey

Tasty Harmony

Contact Sacha Steinhauser

130 S Mason St, Fort Collins, CO


Ten Thousand Villages

Contact Wendy Poppen

113 Linden Street, Fort Collins, CO


Trees, Water, and People

Contact Rachel Buck

633 Remington St Fort Collins, CO 80524

970-484-3678 ext 12

United Students Against Sweatshops

Contact Jan Van Tol

1150 17th St NW, Suite 300 Washington, DC  20036

*Student organizers needed*


Village Earth

Contact Dave Bartecchi

Room 110, Daryl Simons Building, CSU Foothills Campus

970-237-3002 (Phone)
970-237-3026 (Fax)

Yobel International

Yobel International

Contact Sarah Ray